Watch them lie

Mar 31

 Ok, after my little Damon spam of the other day, I’m writing a bit now :D

 This is a long weekend, Monday 2nd April we have no activities because of the anniversary of my U2 and Muse live concert, wait, no, because of it’s the day we remember those who fought and died in the Islas Mailvinas (accept it, Falklands is a horrible name, it sounds to fucklands ¬¬ Plus, they’re ours u.u). And I’ll only have school on Tuesday and Wednesday, because then comes Easter so… I’m a bit free, thoughs I have fuckloads of homeworks (I think I wrote that phrase somewhere before, yesterday… Maybe in my private notebook…). So I’m doing them this afternoon, and tonight my friend Ludmila (I call her Ludmi or Lud :3) will sleep at my house… Or I’m sleeping at hers… At or in? I don’t know u.u

 Some days ago, I think… last Wednesday, I stayed up late, not because I had lots of HW, just because I wanted to listen to the radio also… Rock And Pop FM was with a Red Hot Chilli Peppers live concert (I think they were different concerts and they just put many songs :P), and I figured out what they say in the song, I think, is called “Give It Away” xD it’s like, he sings very fast, and I laughed trying to understand him xD First I said “ok, he must say quiero un wey quiero un wey quiero un wey now!”but nope xD So, live I understood it. But now I want to hear them, so I’m downloading their CD By The Way, I’ll copy it and listen it while I “study”. I’m doing this with eyes closed, because though I liked what I listened in the radio, I don’t know more than some of their hits…

 Today, right now, I should be in Chile getting prepared for the Lollapalooza u.u I think I’ll buy Oracular Spectacular por despecho u.u

 And yessss my anniversary is coming :’) I’ll login and post some of the pictures I have from the concert (not so many, I don’t have good pictures like musersarehot) (but I have like 300 photos xD). Wow one year ago my parents were coming back from their concert… Or was it 30th March? I don’t remember ._. All I know is that I’m wearing my U2 tee this Monday and that I’ll bake a cake :D

 And OMG Damon is pretty gay xD He really is. Or bisexual… I think he has a daughter who’s almost my age ._. He fits in my classification of boys-I-like-that-are-a-total-lady xD I’m like my friend Araceli now, who really likes Brian Molko =)

 I also saw a cute guy at school, but just don’t tell my friends xD

 To me, listening to Kids and Time to Pretend is like having a Superfast Jellyfish face: with your tongue out, smiling and with strange eyes. I like MGMT a bit, though I don’t really like their lyrics and they are the total personification of what every band does when they’re not at stage: drugs and sex and alcohol. But who cares in the end. sometimes, when I realize that happens to every band I get a bit dissapointed… E.g.: The Black Keys note in the RS of this month, no, last month, almost only talks about their past doing drugs and smoking or inhaling everything they had in front of them xD And that Pat Carney is veeeery tall and gets hand-aches after playing drums live. I don’t know why that side of the bands always hit me. I already accepted that all of them are addicted to something, or at least they really like drugs/alcohol/whatever. Mmmh… Maybe it’s because I’m pure xD

 Last night I watched with my dad (my mom left in the middle of the movie and my sis too) Crazy, Stupid, Love, a movie that was translated badly in my language (like if the name was Crazy, Stupid Love). It was funny :P Though I wouldn’t take naked pictures of myself and give them to Damon, and neither I’d give them to a guy who confessed me he masturbates at my image D:

 I have to remember to decorate my notebook :B And I finally sewed my pins (one of TBBT, one of Nyan Cat and one that says I ♥ BEING AWESOME) to my backpack :D I was starting to be afraid one day they’d fall xD

 Ok, I extracted the files to “Red hot chilli etc”, the name my friend Agus left in the file when she passed me some songs from them xD

 Ahammmm i discovered something that must bother fans very much: I was writing the name of the band wrong D: It’s with only one L in Chili xD

 Yesterday at school I was so excited about what I had discovered (the give it away give it away give it away now!) that I was singing it, and my preceptor told me “Stop with your lack of respect,” “But I was doing nothing bad”, “No, I mean, don’t do that to the RHCP!” xD xD

 Ok, I’m having a problem with the years of the CDs. Should I trust Last.FM or Taringa!?

 This is how I usually write, a lot and randomly :D

 I could post a picture to make this post more interesting. What picture? ._.

 This post deserves that xD

Mar 23

I won’t say what I did yesterday because though it was veeery funny… I can tell it, it’s a secret shhhh.

But I will talk about the new terms of Tumblr. Basically, they can know everything about us (related to Internet and our emails and blabla). Just like Google; I think Google changed their politics (or however you say that in English) because now they’re pro SOPA and the united with the FBI, so they know every single thing about the users, and if we download sth. the FBI comes to our houses a week later (??).

But the funny thing was when they spoke about the rules in the Tumblr community xD

  • One thing you should consider before posting: When you make something publicly available on the Internet, it becomes practically impossible to take down all copies of it. -> don’t worry, nobody makes copies of my things xD Even if I posted my stories, why would they reblog them?
  • Life as a teenager is hard enough without the fear, anguish, and isolation caused by online bullying.
  • Promotion and Glorification of Self-Harm. Don’t post content that actively promotes or glorifies self-harm. This includes content that urges or encourages readers to cut or injure themselves; embrace anorexia, bulimia, or other eating disorders; or commit suicide rather than, e.g., seeking counseling or treatment, or joining together in supportive conversation with those suffering or recovering from depression or other conditions. Dialogue about these behaviors is incredibly important and online communities can be extraordinarily helpful to people struggling with these difficult conditions. We aim to sustain Tumblr as a place that facilitates awareness, support and recovery, and to remove only those blogs that cross the line into active promotion or glorification of self-harm. -> I liked this one. I have no problem with helping people (even though that when I nicely and friendly talk, after a few questions they don’t ever talk back ¬¬), but, man, it’s ok, it’s your blog, you can write what you want there, but you can’t go out to depress everybody with those things! And there’s everywhere someone ready to help you… I don’t know, it’s just that I wouldn’t post things when I’m depressed (thing that doesn’t usually happen xD), and if I did, I would just to make myself happier…

In other news, happy late birthday Damon Albarn! :3 I couldn’t make anything special for you because I didn’t know till today it was your b-day… You’re 44 now, and you still look lfuahgbdhfbakuehrkjagbfd.adiu34hrasdfv. Yup, like that :D You look better than my geography teacher, who all my classmates think he’s sexy, but I think they’re not seeing the fact that he’s less than 37 and he has an interesting belly (=a big one), he has all his hair white (the few he still has) and that he’s…ugly xD NOBODY WINS YOU DAMON :3 :3

And also happy birthday to my friend Clau… I couldn’t see you today at school u.u’ But I’ll stop to say hi to you tomorrow :D I’ll leave the real greetings, the ones full of cariño for her =)